Stepha Schweiger - Interview & LIVE music

Frannzclub Berlin - Summer Garden at Radioeins live broadcast


Friday, 18th September 2020, 7.05 & 8.30 pm





La Wolfe is online!


Interview on the new album "When I was a Bird" and music, selected by Stepha Schweiger, a broadcast, made by Thomas Maitz at Radio Helsinki, Graz:

The videos accompanying new album release "When I was a Bird" are out!


When I was a Bird, video by Vincent Stefan


Sea Crazy Song, video by Pyrolator





Elektro Beats Radio1 with Olaf Zimmermann on August 09, 2020:

Focus on new album "When I was a BIrd" including interview.



Federleichte Sommerklänge

Verträumt, poppig, leicht psychedelisch klingt das neue Album der Berliner Komponistin und Sängerin Stepha Schweiger. Ihre markante Stimme, die Schweiger zwischen die Synthesizerklänge streut, sorgt dabei für genau das richtige Maß an Bodenhaftung. Ein zauberhaft sommerliches Klangexperiment.

WAZ, 8th June 2020, on new album "When I was a Bird"


Stepha Schweiger’s new studio album "When I was a BIrd", produced by Pyrolator aka Kurt Dahlke, released may 29, 2020 on L’ST records | Broken Silence.


You can find detailed info and downloads on L’ST records:

home | videos


Stepha Schweiger | download presskit


Stepha Schweiger "When I was a Bird"


RBB-Kultur, a portrait by Carmen Gräf 10th June 2020


Here you can listen to the portrait in german language or read the announcement on RBB.


Stepha Schweiger is interviewed by Roderich Fabian at Zündfunk Bayern 2 Radio on May 28th


2020 on her new album "WHEN I WAS A BIRD", along with music from the album.


May 29 2020: New album

Stepha Schweiger - When I was a Bird

order cd digipack & vinyl 180 g, blue transparent, limited edition from Original Product.

order cd digipack & vinyl 180 g, blue transparent, limited edition from Flight13 online shop & record store.


April 24 2020: The first digital single Sea Crazy Song taken from the forthcoming album is coming out.

video | stream& buy |  LST records | bandcamp


May 29 2020: new album

Stepha Schweiger - When I was a Bird

cd digipack / limited edition coloured vinyl 180g / download

LST Records / Broken Silence

production and arrangement: Pyrolator




Interview at Radio 1 Station, Lokalmatador


with Christiane Falk on 30.09.2019 at  2.07 pm






World Premiere


14. November 2019


Alte Feuerwache, Köln/Germany


Konzertreihe 3 x 3 x 3


Stepha Schweiger

Frost Pattern - Eisblume

für Flöte, E-Gitarre, fixierte Elektronik


Trio nyt: Pavel Tseliapnou, Stephan Wolke, Emanuel Wittersheim


The concert will be repeated on 05th December 2019 in Essen/Germany and on 07th Dezember 2019 in Münster/Germany.



More Info






The Mark on the Wall

(scenic revised version)


Music theatre based on the story of the same name by Virginia Woolf

in english with german subtitles


04th / 5th October 2019, 8 pm




Theater im Delphi

(previous silent film cinema in Berlin Weißensee)

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin

S-Bahn: S-Prenzlauer Allee (Ringbahn)

Tram / Bus: Prenzlauer Allee / Ostseestraße  Tram: M2 / M12 / M13  Bus: 158 / 15 / 225


Entry: 15 Euro, reduced 10 Euros

Tickets: :

Tickets 04.10.2019, 8 pm

Tickets 05.10.2019, 8 pm

or phone +49 (0)1806 700 733



Our gaze is drawn to a stain on a wall, which makes the mind spin – sensually and intellectually. Split into 3 roles – singer, dancer and speaker – the protagonist embarks on a phantasmal journey between imagination and reality.

In English with German surtitles.


Concept, composition: Stepha Schweiger

Directing, stage, light: Sebastian Bauer

Stage, costumes: Nora Lau

Video: Phillip Hohenwarter

Video: Franesco Mancori

Directing assistence: Sina Kehrwieder

Dramaturgy (Premiere 2017): Eike Mann

Production: Marta Witak

Production: Dag Lohde

Production preparation: Cecilia Amann


Anna Clementi, singing/performance

Leo Chadburn, speaking/performance

Ziv Frenkel, dance


Chatschatur Kanajan, conducting

Christian Vogel, clarinet

Silke Lange, accordion

Johannes Öllinger, e-guitar

Jürgen Grözinger, percussion

Antonis Annissegos, piano

Miriam Götting, viola

Adam Goodwin, double bass

Florian Tippe, sound design


Martin Offik, live sound/recording

Uli Aumüller and Sebastian Rausch, video recording


The production of The Mark on the Wall with premieres in London and Berlin in 2017, as well as in Ulm in 2018, was supported by the Federal Association of Fringe Theatre and Danceperformers in Baden-Württemberg with funds of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg, by donations, by Tete a Tete Festival London, Acker Stadt Palast Berlin and Festival for neue musik at Stadthaus Ulm.

A production of Aktuelle Musik und Musik-Theater-Produktion Berlin.






Stepha Schweiger - Now Im a Plant 


CD release 11th June 2019

produced by Hanno Leichtmann

12 tracks

Including remixes by Pyrolator and  Inthegardenofbeauty

words by Katherine Mansfield

visual concept by Wolfgang Spelmans


"An amazing gem in the experimental piano-pop genre: The Berliner with her distinctive voice is traversing dark untrodden paths between chamber pop, electronic noise, jazz and art music. Her new album, intended as a bow to Katherine Mansfield, evokes a dreamily blurred poetics that encounters a piano dabbling in minor keys and a profoundly emotive voice at times, before drifting into an abstract miniaturesque electronic noise just a few moments later. A deep, dramatic and enriching "piece of art" with Mary Ocher, Soap & Skin, Zola Jesus and Fever Ray. With artwork from Wolfgang Spelmans." (Flight13)



Now Im a Plant CD + T-Shirts / Gym Bags, black with the silver shimmering lizard motif:



The CD is available at flight13 store.

You can order T-shirts and gym bags with the lizard motif of the CD via bandcamp here.



In Berlin the CD is in stock at

Pop - der Laden, Yorckstraße 52, 10965 Berlin

directly at S/U-Bahnhof Yorckstraße

Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 12 - 7 pm, Sat 12 - 6 pm,



Spotify                      Bandcamp



Release tour

June 11-15 2019 Austria/Germany:

Stepha Schweiger, vocals, keyboard, synthesizer

Robert Pepe Pöschl, e bass

Playbacks by Hanno Leichtmann and Pyrolator

Video by Wolfgang Spelmans


Vienna, Austria 

11th June 2019

WOW! Signal


Graz, Austria

13th June 2019

Cafe Wolf



Moosburg, Germany

15. Juni 2019

Jazzclub Hirsch


radio orange 09.04.2019





The video by Wolfgang Spelmans,


accompanying current album release Now I m a Plant




Now I m a Plant








29th November 2018, 11:03 pm


Ö1 radio broadcast presented by Astrid Schwarz


Zeit-Ton: IKO@guts n faders

on the premiere at musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst 2018

Stepha Schweiger, ver.blich for double bass and electronics

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, double bass

Peter Venus, controlling elektronics for IKO loudspeaker


Including interview with Stepha Schweiger and the full transmission of the premiere of her work "ver.blich" for double bass and electronics (ircam) in a new version for IKO loudspeaker of the institute of electronic music, art university Graz, on october 06 at musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst.







new video


Schneefeld (2004 / 2019)


guitar: Johannes Öllinger 





NDR Nachtclub Radio 


15.11.2018 at 0:05

ndr nachtclub


repeated on NDR Blue

friday 16.11.2018, 1:05 pm (afternoon)



includes the 

Presentation of 

Now Im a Plant 

album and remixes


with live talks …. 



Oktober 25 2018, 8.00 pm

at Marie-Antoinette

Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin


Girl on Catfish:

Stepha Schweiger, Mani Schimchen, Pepe Pöschl, Mäx Huber



Tatsumi Ryusui / Adam Goodwin (Elmer Kussiac)




Out now


Remixes of the new album


Now I m a Plant


Pyrolator - Wooden Leg Remix 


In the garden of beauty - Now I m a Plant Remix


October 10 2018 - releases





Trio Sonar recorded my string trio "SPUR".


This rough mix can be found on soundcloud.








October 6 2018, 9 pm


ORF musikprotokoll 

at Steirischer Herbst Graz



for double bass and electronics

world premiere of the new version
guts n faders:

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka: double bass

Peter Venus: electronic control and assignment for IKO-Lautsprecher of the institute for electronic music Graz





Album release:




Produced by Hanno Leichtmann with electronic sounds, basses and loops


Stepha Schweiger - Now Im a Plant

Released on: 17.07.2018

Tracks: 12 


Vocals and piano:

Performed and recorded by Stepha Schweiger

Rough Effects Mix: Thomas Stern


Produced by Hanno Leichtmann with electronic sounds, basses and loops

Mixed by Hanno Leichtmann and Stepha Schweiger

Mastering: Ulrich Müller

Visual concept: Wolfgang Spelmans


Music by Stepha Schweiger

Copyright & publishing 2018


"This album conveys such a beautiful atmosphere – and for me its 

purist combination of piano, electronic sounds and voice is phenomenally successful."

Kurt Dahlke / Pyrolator


Following directly on the premiere of her music theatre The Mark on the Wall – based on the short story of the same name by Virginia Woolf – Stepha Schweiger has now recorded and released poems by Katherine Mansfield in their first-ever musical setting. 

This unique album was produced by Hanno Leichtmann. He has enriched the piano and voice recordings with electronic sounds, basses and loops, while completely renouncing drums. 


The title song Now Im a Plant is included in an instrumental and a sung version. The pianist Stepha Schweiger sings about plant worlds and wandering around as insects fly through the air. Wolfgang Spelmans - responsible for the visual concept - is crafting the album s atmospheric mood and feel with a uniform consistency from the cover through to the planned videos.


The songs float and soar intrinsically, revealing ever-new musical routes as they do so. And the sounds stream into our minds like reveries, bearing us away to a nocturnal cosmos, embedded in a pillowy sanctuary: With the congenial musical adaptation and the words of a great poet joining the listeners on their journey.


Katherine Mansfield left behind truly fascinating texts, with most of them not intended for publication. They reminisce about her childhood in New Zealand, and broach the subjects of nature, everyday life, solitude, myths, fulfilment and death. 


Piece by piece, assemblies of text and sounds are constructed: hallucinatory, compelling and concrete. With this new masterpiece now waiting to be discovered by her audiences, as Stepha Schweiger astounds and amazes them over and over.





New report in Missy Magazine (print) by Judyta Smykowski



july 2018










#14 Hotel Bars 17.6.2018 


"Strange Hotels" and more from the upcoming album "Now I m a Plant" (17.7.2018, the premiere of "Sommerregen" 16.6.2018 at Staatsoper Berlin, Atonale in the Neue Werkstatt, and "The Mark on the Wall" with first sound examples of the performance at Festival "neue musik im Stadthaus Ulm" 08.04.2018 ...








The Mark on the Wall


Review in the neue Musikzeitung 







Out on mai 25 2018


Ed Williams - Echo Chamber #6 - Stepha Schweiger


Ed Williams is interviewing me on composition and why I am doing what I do, on song and text, discussing manuscripts of his father, who was an organist and music theorist. There is also music including one song from the upcoming release "Now I m a Plant". Duration: 2 hours.




Article by Florian L. Arnold in the Augsburger Allgemeine


on "The Mark on the Wall" in Ulm on Sunday, 08. April 2018



Article by Udo Eberl in the Südwest Presse


on "The Mark on the Wall" in Ulm on Sunday, 08. April 2018






Die taz:


article by Franziska Buhre  


about Pacifico Exercises


10th and 11th March 2018






The Mark on the Wall


Performance of the music theater


in Ulm on April 8 2018 





TRAILER of a scenic work by Aniara Amos: 







Music theatre by Stepha Schweiger

based on the story of the same name

by Virginia Woolf

first published in 1917



13 th october 2017, 8 pm

further performances on 14th and 15th of october, 8 pm

Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin 


Directing and stage: Sebastian Bauer

Stage and costumes: Nora Lau

Video: Phillip Hohenwarter



Anna Clementi, singing

Leo Chadburn, speaking

Ziv Frenkel, dance


European Music Project:

Chatschatur Kanajan, conducting

Christian Vogel, clarinet

Franka Herwig, accordion

Johannes Öllinger, e-guitar

Jürgen Grözinger, percussion

Antonis Annissegos, piano

Miriam Götting, viola

Adam Goodwin, double bass

Florian Tippe, sound

Ulrich Müller, mastering


Dramaturgical and production support: Eike Mann
Production assistance: Nele Gehricke

supported by the Federal Association of Fringe Theatre and Danceperformers in Baden-Württemberg with funds of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg.


TRAILER (2015), scenic work by Aniara Amos: youtube 





Music theatre 


Premiere concertante in London, UK


13th August 2017, Tete a Tete Opera Festival








Released now:



Issue # 17 "KunstMusik" by World Edition, Cologne,



includes my recent essay "In-tonare" written in English.









The article about VISIONMUSIQUE




in Mittelbayerische Zeitung


by Fritz Wallner












The video from the recent EP "STEPHA - DISSOLVE INTO":







RUBIES Remix out:













BKA Club Konzert





Our new video "Dissolve into" from the EP "Dissolve into" is out now !

Dissolve into


video by Vincent Stefan


Am 26. Juli 2016 erscheint die EP "Stepha - Dissolve into" auf Vinyl und als 7''-Single (Rubies | Dolphin Song).

Review of this EP "Stepha - Dissolve into" on Er-em-online:

Die Berliner Avantgarde-Komponistin Stepha Schweiger dürfte erfahrenen Regensburger Szene-Kennern duchaus noch geläufig sein. Musikalisch war sie ja auch einige Jahre in Regensburg aktiv, Ende er 80er als Mitglied der Band Sex Trash. Die waren ja bekanntlich die Vorläufer-Band von Baby You Know, schließlich spielten hier auch Erhard Grundl, Michael Schott und Robert „Pepe“ Pöschl. Und mit dieser neuen Produktion, die Ende 2015 digital und als limitiere CD in einer 300er Auflage, erschien, schließt sich der Kreis. Die sechs Songs dieser ep wurde von Robert Pöschl zusammen mit Stepha produziert, der auch Bass spielte. Außerdem waren bei den Aufnahmen neben Berliner Musikern auch Manfred Schimchen (vocals, guitar) und Maex Huber (drums) dabei, die ja später zusammen mit Pepe und Michael Schott „Chief Joseph“ gründeten. Der Sound auf dieser Produktion ist allerdings anders, bewegt sich zwischen Singer/Songwriter, Folk-Punk und Indie-Pop – recht nuancenreich. Drei der Songs sind recht ruhig und dezent, wirken richtig filigran: „Rubies“, „Going nowhere“ und der Titeltrack „Dissolve into“. Dagegen ist „My favourite street“ stärker rockig ausgerichtet und geht mit Drive ab, ähnlich tönt „At the end of the night“. Einen leichten psychedelischen Einschlag mit dominanter Orgel hat „Dophin“. Gut Mischung, die allerdings nach knapp 20 Minuten schon vorbei ist. Inzwischen hat Stepha mit Pepe, Manfred Schimchen und Maex Huber eine neue Band gegründet: Girls on Catfish. Die spielten kürzlich ein Konzert in Landshut, möglicherweise kommen die vier auch mal nach Regensburg und stellen dann diese Songs vor. (Little Salt)








from the EP "Dissolve into" by Stepha



Stepha "Dissolve into"


on amazon:






Freisinger Tagblatt, 27. Januar 2015, 

anlässlich der Psychedelic-Art-Rock-Night im Lindenkeller Freising, 24. Januar 2015:
"Für einen der musikalischen Höhepunkte sorgte derweil eine Gruppierung um die Berliner Avantgarde-Komponistin Stepha (Schweiger): Zusammen mit Drummer Mäx Huber aus Moosburg … entwarf die experimentell und progressiv zu Werke gehende Band Klangcollagen, die an Marianne Faithfull oder Velvet Underground erinnerten."




 New Music:



- CD: Stepha Schweiger, "visionmusique"         





 Klaus Schöpp: Flöten, Claudius von Wrochem: Violoncello, Gerhard Scherer: Akkordeon


frango phragmón extended:

Gerhard Scherer: Akkordeon, Stepha Schweiger: elektronische Bearbeitung



Cosima Gerhardt: Violoncello, Samuel Stoll: Horn



Didier Meu: Kontrabass, Realisierung der Elektronik am Ircam, Paris


frango phragmón:

Gerhard Scherer: Akkordeon


  duration: 55 minutes



 - EP CD: "Sp19ri9ng one for Piano"

Stepha Schweiger: Piano. Recorded on Steinway B Grand Piano at Baby Monster Studios, New York City in 1991, first release in 1992 on music cassette, remastered 2012, duration: 20 Minuten








My review of the LP:


Marc Sabat, Les Duresses, Care of Editions, 


appears in: 


Positionen, Texte zur aktuellen Musik, Nr. 102







   Stepha Schweiger "Einige Überlegungen zu Komposition,

   Sprache und Alltag",




   Gösta Neuwirth zum 75. Geburtstag;


   in: KUNSTzeitung, Usedomer Kunstverein, 2nd edition











 Stepha Schweiger, vocals, CP-80-piano, grand piano,

hammond C3, synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitars


Jeremy Woodruff, saxophone

Isabella Fassina, violin


Dave Cupp, electric guitar

Klemens Klarhorst, bass

Brendan Dougherty, drums